Why study ITIS?

The way you study

Avail the opportunity to learn from experienced, internationally recognised professors through a mixture of lectures, laboratory classes, seminars and research projects. Most of the course modules are based on a series of lectures, assessed by exams or coursework throughout the semester. In order to deepen and refine the encountered knowledge in the classes, self study is also expectedfrom the students.


How will you study?

You will learn from experienced, internationally accepted professors through a mixture of lectures, laboratory classes, seminars and research projects. Most of the course modules are based on a series of lectures, assessed by exams or coursework throughout the semester. To deepen and refine what you have encountered in classes, you are also expected to learn on your own.

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Supervision and Support

There are only limited ITIS placements available every year and they are distributed among the four Universities. Therefore, students will be able to study in small groups at a participating university in a personal atmosphere. With the chosen research focus students will become a part of a research group at one of the participating departments. Furthermore, the leader of the research group, i.e., a professor, will become the personal supervisor who can help each student with planning the course of studies. Thus, students can expect to interact with the respective professors face-to-face and become a colleague of the other members of the research group.

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Project Work

The ITIS program aims at offering an intensive and research-oriented education in which knowledge, abilities and skills gained in a previous computer science or equivalent Bachelor's degrees, can be extended and augmented. Therefore, a major part of the ITIS Master's course is to conduct research projects corresponding to your chosen research focus. Students will be integrated in a research group and participate, as part of this group, in interesting and challenging research projects dealing with cutting-edge technologies. Accounting for at least 30 credits in the study program, the projects are one of the main parts of the ITIS course.

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All participating departments are well-equipped and are continuously upgrading their research facilities to keep the equipment up-to-date. Each laboratory offers a huge range of software for Windows-based as well as Linux-based operating systems. For certain research projects further specialised hardware is provided to support, e.g., special wireless scenarios or computational intensive calculations, for example.

Students may also bring their own computer: Large parts of the software that are used at the participating universities are open source or under an academic license so that students can install them on their personal computer. Moreover, wireless networking (WiFi) is provided within the student accommodations as well as huge areas of the campuses.

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Due to the fact that the entire ITIS course is provided in English, it is well suited for international students coming from abroad. ITIS has strong research links to collaborating institutions in America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and furthermore strong alliances with industrial partners that offer unique opportunities for our students.

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Career Prospects

The prospects in the area of Internet Technology and Information Systems are extensive and varied: There are significant employment opportunities in the traditional IT industry, but also in industries that are based on this IT key technologies. Opportunities exist in fields such as finance, consulting, healthcare, consumer products, car industry etc. -- almost all areas of modern business and society. Thus students can work in both large multinational firms as well as small local organisations.

If a student decides to continue with the a PhD program at one of the universities, he/she will get a further career advantage, particularly if interested in working in a certain specialised field. The additional research knowledge will also qualify ITIS students, if they want to pursue a career in academia. Whatever path a student takes, the ITIS Master program will equip the student with the technical knowledge, scientific abilities as well as social skills to stand out from the crowd.

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