Research Project and Master's Thesis

Research Project

In the research project the student can gain subject-related and interdisciplinary competencies necessary to successfully conduct research activities. This takes place under the intensive supervision of an experienced researcher and generally in the context of research conducted by their research group. The research project may also help the students to prepare for their Master's thesis. The topic and tasks of the research projects are defined by the supervisor. Normally, the research project will be conducted within one semester; if defined otherwise in the project protocol it can be divided so that it expands over two semesters. The research project comprises 30 ECTS-credits. It includes the self-directed processing of the topic and the hypothesis under intensive academic instruction, including the planning, execution and progress monitoring of the necessary research tasks, a technical report (around 30-40 pages depending on the results), a project poster and two presentations presenting the research project and its results followed by a discussion.

Admission to the Research Project

The research project needs to be registered in writing the head of the examination committee, Prof. Dr. Sven Hartmann ( The registration must include a project protocol detailing how the topic will be dealt with and a written confirmation from the supervisor, who should be a professor.

Submission of the Research Project

The student must present in two presentations, lasting 20-30 minutes, each followed by a discussion, an overview of the research project, the research protocol and the project results obtained. The presentations generally takes place on a joint ITIS Research Day for all students of the degree programm.

Due to the small number of remaining ITIS students, we decided to cancel all future ITIS Research Days. Instead, students that wish to present their research project (presentation of slides AND presentation of a poster) will set up an appointment with the supervisor(s) of the project where they will give the presentation. Afterwards, the supervisor (please keep in mind that an ITIS professor is required) signs the corresponding form that certifies that you gave the presentation (slides + poster). Afterwards you submit the signed document as usual. In essence, you defend your research project in the same way you will defend your master thesis.

Master's Thesis

The Master's thesis comprises 30 ECTS credits, i.e. it will take the entire final semester (6 month at the maximum). The student must deal with the assigned topic and the hypothetical task independently and scientifically, including a comprehensive write-up of the topic and the implementation of the task as well as an oral presentation of the work and its results with an accompanying discussion within a colloquium.

Admission to the Master's thesis

To be admitted to the Master's thesis Application for admission to the thesis form needs to be filled in and submitted to the head of the ITIS examination committee, Prof. Dr. Sven Hartmann ( Attached to the form you need to provide

  • a transcript of records proving the required minimum of 60 ECTS-credits
  • a proof that you are currently enrolled in the ITIS Master's program
The topic of the Master's thesis is determined before by the first examiner after a hearing with the student. The processing period starts after getting the confirmation by the examination committee from the stated "Start date of the thesis".

Submission of the Master's thesis

The thesis must be submitted to the first examiner within the 6 month after the topic has been issued. The thesis must provide a written guarantee that the work was done independently, that no other sources or aids were used other than those referenced, that any passages taken literally or in spirit from other sources are identified as such, and that the thesis has not been submitted to any other examination authority in the same or similar form.
Three paper copies with Leimbindung (perfect binding) and an electronic version of the thesis must be submitted to the first examiner. The first examiner will then give one copy to the second examiner and one copy to the academic examination office in Hannover.
The Master's thesis must be graded within six weeks of its submission. The examiners needs to write an evaluation report and fill in the Evaluation of a thesis or research project form taking the Master's thesis and the colloquium into account. The evaluation form needs to be sent to the examination office in Hannover so that the result of the Master's thesis can be accounted and the final certificate can be issued.

Further information

Further information about the research project and the Master's thesis can be found in the examination regulations.