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Module details on 'Introduction to Software-defined Networking - Introduction to Software-defined Networking'

CategoryNetworking & Communication
LecturerProf. Dr. Fu, Xiaoming (Göttingen)
Module Exam ID3079
Weekly CompositionBlock course
Required Hours of Work (presence / self-study)150 (60/60)
SemesterWinter (biyearly)
Teaching MethodsLectures, exercises, Paper reading in groups and group discussions
Module DescriptionSoftware-defined networking (SDN) has recently attracted both researchers and engineers in academia and big players in communication technologies. In this course, we will discuss the basics of SDN. The course is organized as a block course that introduces the main motivation, concepts and state-of-the-art of SDN. Students will be taught in lecture and seminar sessions as well as practical exercises.
Module OutcomesGoals: The students - are familiar with the concepts of software defined networking (SDN) - know how to methodically read and analyse scientific research papers - have enriched their practical skills in computer networks with regards to SDN - know about practical deployability issues of SDN - have improved their ability to work independently in a pre-defined context
Recommended LiteratureSoftware Defined Networking (SDN)
PrerequisitesBasic networking and programming skills
ExamWritten Report and Oral Presentation (20-30 minutes)

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