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Lectures of the Current Semester

Module details on 'Advanced Logics - Advanced Logics'

CategoryTheoretical Foundations
LecturerDr. rer. nat. Meier, Arne (Hannover)
Module Exam ID1025
Weekly Composition2L + 1E
Required Hours of Work (presence / self-study)125 (42 / 83)
Semesterperiodically, according to student demand and staff specialisms
Teaching Methodswhiteboard lecture in combination with slides, video recording
Module DescriptionThis lecture will cover logical calculi and formalisms used for the description of complexity classes, databases, reactive systems, finite and infinite state systems. Particular emphasis is put on modal logics and their complexity. In this context the technique of Post's lattice is introduced. Further two fundamental results in descriptive complexity are visited.
Module OutcomesThe students acquire competence in applying advanced logical techniques, analysis of efficient methods, and logical characterizations of complexity classes. They can use important modal logics to describe problems and proving their hardness connected to specific Boolean concepts. Students obtain expertise in proving complex results for problems situated in the area of modal logic. Further the students understand the benefit of the different extensions of modal logics investigated in the lecture and how to classify the corresponding problem in these logics. One main outcome is to understand model checking and its importance for computer science from the computational complexity point of view.
Recommended LiteratureN. Immerman, Descriptive Complexity, Springer, 1998. L. Libkin, Elements of Finite Model Theory, Springer, 2010. P. Blackburn et al., Modal Logic, Cambridge, 2002.
PrerequisitesFoundations on Computational Complexity, Algorithms, Propositional Logic, NP-completeness
ExamOral exam, graded (25 min)
CommentsVideo Recording. Also see http://www.thi.uni-hannover.de/217.html?&L=1

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