ITIS Committees

There are several committees for the ITIS Master's course that are responsible for different areas. The simplest way to contact these committees is to send an email to one of the following mailing lists:

ITIS Steering Committee (Lenkungsausschuss)

The ITIS steering commitee replaces the functionality of the faculty councils (Fakultätsräte) at each participating university in a common committee. It deals with the development of the course and its general structure.

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nejdl

ITIS Examination Committee (Prüfungsauschuss)

The ITIS examination committee deals with everything that is related to examinations in ITIS. This is particularly the approval of modules that have been done in another course and that should be counted in the ITIS Master's course.

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Sven Hartmann

ITIS Studies Committee (Studienkommission)

The ITIS studies committee deals with the general organisation and planning of lectures in the ITIS Master's course.

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Jens Grabowski

ITIS Admission Committee (Zulassungskommission)

The ITIS admission committee deals with incoming ITIS applications, i.e. the pre-selection of suitable candidates, the interviewing of pre-selected candidates and the final selection of ITIS students. If you have a question regarding the application procedure or you want to hand some documents in later, contact the admission committee.

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nejdl