Academic Grading

Grading Scale at German Universities

In Germany a 5 point grading scale is used at universities to evaluate students. The scale goes from 1 (sehr gut [very good]) to 6 (ungenügend [insufficient]). The grades "5" and "6" are considered as failing grades. For a finer granularity of marks, additional differenced by the fractions x.3 and x.7.

The following table shows an overview about the German Grades as well as an approximation of the corresponding US grades.

Grade Descriptor Description Approximation to the US system
1.0 sehr gut (very good) An outstanding achievement A
1.7 gut (good) An achievement which lies substantially above average requirements A-
2.7 befriedigend (satisfactory) An achievement which corresponds to average requirements B+
3.0 B
3.3 B-
3.7 ausreichend (sufficient) An achievement which still meets the requirements C+
4.0 C
5.0 C-
mangelhaft (insufficient) An achievement which is below the requirements D
ungenügend (insufficient) An achievement which does not meet the requirements F

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The Grade Point Average (GPA) at German universities is the arithmetical mean of all grades that have been earned in your course. In the ITIS course only the soft skill modules is not taken into consideration for calculating the average. If you have earned more credits in one of the areas than required you can choose the modules that should be counted for the GPA.